February 1

All Room 23 Knows About Wolves

Wolves howl to speak to each other and they can find their pack. A pack is a group of wolves. They hunt big animals such as moose, deer and elk. They also eat jack rabbits, fish, foxes, rabbits, and mountain goats and sheep.

Wolves live in Alberta, British Columbia, in the Arctic, the mountains, and forests. They make a den that looks like a cave to live in and also to raise their pups.

Wolves have two different types of fur. One kind to keep them warm in the winter and one kind of fur to keep them cool in the summer. Their fur changes colour in the spring and fall to help them camouflage.

They use their sharp teeth when eating their prey. They make the food soft with their teeth so their pups can eat it. Pups don’t have sharp enough teeth.

Wolves have a good sense of hearing and a good sense of smell.  They can smell their prey from far away.



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