March 12

Room 13: Learning All About Colours!

This month we learned all about colours! The primary colours are red, yellow and blue. When we mix them together we can make secondary colours. The secondary colours are purple, green and orange.  We got to practice mixing different colours using watercolour paints.  Black makes things darker and white makes them lighter.  All of the colours make a rainbow!


March 12

Room 14 Celebrates 100th Day

February was an exciting month in Spanish Kindergarten we had the chance to celebrate 100th day, Día de Amistad y Amor and  We Love to Read Month.  The highlight of the month was that we had the chance to hear from one of our very own readers from room 14, our student Noah it was a great time that we spent together listening to him share his story. Thank you!

March 12

Gym Shorts

On February 23, the students in grades five through eight participated in Gym Riot. Gym riot gives students the opportunity to experience a variety of weird and wacky competitions which focus on cooperation amongst team members. Congratulations to the winning team.  It takes cooperation and a healthy dose of competitiveness to come out victorious!


The Winter Carnival for the kindergarten to grade 4 students was rescheduled due to February’s chilly temperatures. The new date for the Winter Carnival was March 9 and the weather was absolutely fantastic!  A good time was had by all; a special thank you to the parent council for providing the delicious hot chocolate and to the junior high students who volunteered their time to help the younger students.


March means the end of our basketball season. Congratulations to the students who participated on the basketball teams. Boys and girls in grades six through eight had the opportunity to learn and experience basketball in the competitive setting of extra-curricular sports. A special thank you to Mrs. Toulman and Ms. Hallson for coaching the girls’ team, to the students who served as scorekeepers, and to all the parents who volunteered their time offering rides to and from games.

On March 8th the junior highs travelled by bus to Holiday Mountain and had the opportunity to participate in an amazing outdoor winter activity; downhill skiing!  It was enjoyed by all who took part.

In the gym, March includes our ultimate football unit, relays, a unit of low organized games working on motor skill development, fitness testing, and a chance to explore the climbing apparatus and other choice activities.

I don’t know about you but I am definitely looking forward to spring!


Mr. Armstrong

March 12

Room 27 February News

February had a lot of fun events! The Grade 4 students went to the Pan Am Pool three times for swimming lessons! They had a great time and learned a lot about safety in the water! The Grade 5 and 6 students had a great time at Camp Cedarwood. They had great weather and spent most of the days outside. They cross country skied, snow snowshoed, skated, tobogganed and learned survival skills. The meals were awesome. Our evening of karaoke was a blast. Everyone had a great time! In school we have been working on our study of The North. We have been learning about animals of the Arctic, how climate change is affecting the wildlife who depend on ice and about Inuit culture.


March 9

Room 23: Olympics and I Love To Read

In February, we learned about the Olympics! Snowboarding, figure skating, the skelton, women’s and men’s hockey, curling, speed skating, skiing, the luge, and sledding.  We wrote about what we would compete in if (and when!) we are in the Winter Olympics. We updated our tally marks for how many medals Canada won. We won a total of 29 medal!
We had many readers come and share with us some stories during I Love to Read Month! Veronica Hamulka came to read her daughter’s favorite books, “The Princess and Pig” and “Prince Ribbit”. Georgie’s dad came to read and he read “Old Mac Donald Heard A Fart”. We loved making the different fart noises. Mike Benson from the BC Lions came and share with us what happens when you bring a mouse to school or give a moose a muffin. Mariam from Room 21 came to read her favorite Robert Munch book. Wab Kinew came to read to our whole school about different games of strength, agility, and endurance. Finally, Manitoba Opera came to read to us “Opera Cat” and teach us a vocal warm up!


February was A LOT of fun and we LOVED all the books!


Love, Room 23


March 9

Room 28’s Amazing February!


Room 28 participated in a walk for the Ladybug Foundation. The LadyBug foundation is a foundation that raises awareness and money to give to the homeless. What an awesome foundation! Congratulations to everyone that donated and especially C.J. for donating 68 dollars!


Did you now that on February 15th it was Canadian Flag Day?  We learned that our red and white flag was first flown on Feb 15, 1965!

You are also not allowed to write on the national Canadian flag, and in parades when the flag comes you should take off your hat. Also every school in Canada has to sing O Canada!


In Room 28 we learned a little bit about Chinese New Year. Did you know that most grade 6 people are born in the year of the dog and most grade 5 are born the year of the pig? This year, 2018, is a dog year! Also we learned that people who celebrate Chinese new year clean their house to sweep away bad luck, and then put away their brooms so that good luck won’t be swept away. They also use a lot of the colour red for luck.


Last thing, that was probably the best , was Camp Cedarwood because of the fact that it was only for grades 5 & 6. It was amazing! The food, activities, and no gaming devices! One of the activities we did was cross country skiing. You had to go through a trail that was kind of long, but some people managed to do more than 3 laps. Another activity was survival skills. On that activity, we learned a few survival skills. One of them, for example, is how to build a shelter during either the winter, spring, fall, or summer. Another skill was how to make a fire.


That was it for Room 28’s month of February!

March 8

February Was Eventful in Junior High

February has been a very eventful month for us in junior high and March looks busy as well. For the past several weeks we have been learning about democracy and the great Greek philosopher Socrates. In language arts we are just completing our Lord of the Flies novel study and we are going to be finishing it off by taking part in several Socratic Seminars. Last week we watched the movie and compared it to the book and we feel that the book was better and it is a book we highly recommend.


As a part of our science program, the grade sevens have made several trips to the Inner City Science Lab where they had the opportunity to work in a real lab for the day. In our light and optics unit, we conducted a number of experiments such as dissecting a pig’s eye and testing a variety of lenses.



In the beginning of February, we began a second session of Genius Hour. This time around we have two options, we can either do another passion project, or try our hand at designing a new marketable product.



In February, both Kelvin and Grant Park came and made a presentation to our grade eight students about how high school works and how to register. We also began some exam preps.


The most exciting part of the month was our Gym Riot event which took place on February 23rd and involved all students from grades five to eight. We were divided into three teams and each team had to come up with a team name, a team colour, a chant and a poster that every member had to sign. Our teams were named the Black Panthers, the Blue Lightning and the White Marshmallows.Some of our favourite events were the art contest and the pie eating contest. At the end of the day the Black Panthers were victorious and were treated to a pizza party.

March 8

Room 15: Learning About The Seven Teachings – Love

We have  been learning about friendship and love. The eagle is love. Eating healthy food and drinks shows love for your body.- Naomi

Love is hugs and kisses. – Maggie

I love my Mom and Dad. – Elliot

I can show love for my school and not be a litterbug. – Tryce

I can show love by not being a bully. – Jordyn

I love Spinasaurus and T-Rex. – Carter

I love my sister and give her hugs. – Hannah

I love my cousin and I say that I love her. – Oliver

I show love by being kind when people are crying and hurt. We can not kiss at school. – Layla

I love the whole world so I take care of it. I don’t kill plants. – Willow

My Mom always kisses me. She loves me and I love her. – Evan

I love my sisters. I share my toys with my sisters. – Mylee

I love my family and I hug them. – Charley

Love is being kind to your friends. – Mia

I can show love by washing the dishes without being asked. I can take out the garbage and recycling. I can show love when I listen to my Mom and Dad and do whatever they say right away.  – Joe