March 8

Room 15: Learning About The Seven Teachings – Love

We have  been learning about friendship and love. The eagle is love. Eating healthy food and drinks shows love for your body.- Naomi

Love is hugs and kisses. – Maggie

I love my Mom and Dad. – Elliot

I can show love for my school and not be a litterbug. – Tryce

I can show love by not being a bully. – Jordyn

I love Spinasaurus and T-Rex. – Carter

I love my sister and give her hugs. – Hannah

I love my cousin and I say that I love her. – Oliver

I show love by being kind when people are crying and hurt. We can not kiss at school. – Layla

I love the whole world so I take care of it. I don’t kill plants. – Willow

My Mom always kisses me. She loves me and I love her. – Evan

I love my sisters. I share my toys with my sisters. – Mylee

I love my family and I hug them. – Charley

Love is being kind to your friends. – Mia

I can show love by washing the dishes without being asked. I can take out the garbage and recycling. I can show love when I listen to my Mom and Dad and do whatever they say right away.  – Joe




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