March 9

Room 28’s Amazing February!


Room 28 participated in a walk for the Ladybug Foundation. The LadyBug foundation is a foundation that raises awareness and money to give to the homeless. What an awesome foundation! Congratulations to everyone that donated and especially C.J. for donating 68 dollars!


Did you now that on February 15th it was Canadian Flag Day?  We learned that our red and white flag was first flown on Feb 15, 1965!

You are also not allowed to write on the national Canadian flag, and in parades when the flag comes you should take off your hat. Also every school in Canada has to sing O Canada!


In Room 28 we learned a little bit about Chinese New Year. Did you know that most grade 6 people are born in the year of the dog and most grade 5 are born the year of the pig? This year, 2018, is a dog year! Also we learned that people who celebrate Chinese new year clean their house to sweep away bad luck, and then put away their brooms so that good luck won’t be swept away. They also use a lot of the colour red for luck.


Last thing, that was probably the best , was Camp Cedarwood because of the fact that it was only for grades 5 & 6. It was amazing! The food, activities, and no gaming devices! One of the activities we did was cross country skiing. You had to go through a trail that was kind of long, but some people managed to do more than 3 laps. Another activity was survival skills. On that activity, we learned a few survival skills. One of them, for example, is how to build a shelter during either the winter, spring, fall, or summer. Another skill was how to make a fire.


That was it for Room 28’s month of February!

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