April 2

Junior High News

 The highlight for many of the junior high students this month was the ski trip to Holiday Mountain on March 8th.  For some, this was a first time experience while, for others, this was “old hat.” Everyone had a great time and luckily there were no major injuries except for a few bruised egos!

Our grade seven students attended the Inner City Science Lab several times this month.  In addition to learning about a vast array of lab equipment and how to use it properly, the students were also able to conduct dissections of a squid and a pig’s heart.

In Language Arts, all of the junior highs had the opportunity to take part in a “Socratic Seminar” either as a “player” or as a “coach.”  The questions for our seminar were: “Are humans inherently good or bad?” and “What causes “good” people to devolve into evil?” The discussion in both seminars was very lively but the students did an excellent job of listening closely and being respectful to one another.   Many good points were made, further questions posed and strong connections to many of the novels, short stories and articles we have read this year were made. All of the students enjoyed the seminars and are already asking when our next one will be.





During the last week of school, the junior highs presented the videos they had made for (PBIS – Positive Behavioural Intervention and Support) at the assembly and several of the junior highs worked with Ms Penner to organize a School Spirit Week and a junior high “Taco in a Bag” lunch.


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