April 5

Day 4 PBIS Kindergarten Reflections……so far

Earl Grey is a PBIS school. That means everyone tries hard to be respectful and fill everybody’s bucket. – Willow

There are posters on the walls that show you how to do your job at school. – Charley

All the doors have words on them. The green signs say Go and the red signs says STOP. These signs help keep us safe. We don’t want to bump into anyone at the doors. – Mylee

At Earl Grey, Be Respectful, Be Safe and BE A Learner! – Maggie

I am happy that I got caught doing my job in the hallway! I got a card  and put it in a special box in the office. – Carter

Some kids get their picture on the PBIS wall! They got caught by a teacher for doing their job. – Tryce

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