April 10

March News From Room 27  


On Friday, March 23 Mr. Paintin from the S.T.E.A.M. Program came to work with our class.  We used the computer program Tinkercad to make 3D Designs.  Some of the math concepts that we used were reflection, translation, plane, rotation, axis and scale.  We designed houses, dinosaurs, people, bunnies, and fidget spinners.


Our trip to M.T.Y.P. to see Tetris was fantastic!  We saw a lot of awkward movements.  At times there were actions that included Rubik’s Cubes.  We were amazed by the strength and flexibility of the performers!  Towards the end most of the audience were on stage participating in the performance.


We continued working in Book Clubs this month.  We have had several meetings and assignments.  We will wrap up the clubs in April.


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