April 12

Our MARCH Favourite Books!

Room 14: We Love Boxes!

Room 21: 

Do you love mysteries? Do you enjoy solving puzzles? If you do, we have the perfect book for you! Winterhouse written by Ben Gutterson is an intriguing story about Elizabeth Somers and her stay at the Winterhouse hotel. We have been reading this book since January and we are always disappointed when it is time to put it down. It is definitely our favourite read aloud book so far!



Room 23: 

Room 23’s favorite book in March was “How Will Room 23 Get To School This Year?” This was the first book we wrote as a class. We loved reading about the fun ways our friends would get to school. We also liked guessing who wrote what part.



Room 25:

Room 25’ s Favourite March book was Where the red fern grows. After a couple months having not read it, they were ready willing and eager to back into it. It is sad story with a lot of expression. We have been working on writing with expression. It makes us very emotional.


Room 27:


Room 28:  

Yellow Dog by Miriam Korner


Room 28 recommends this book because it is a perfect mixture of adventure and friendship. This book is a great book for you if you’re a canine lover. Let me tell you something before you read it: “Welcome to the North!”


By Andreik

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