April 12

Pink Shirt Day Discussions in Room 21

We need to stand up to bullies and never give up.  Always be nice to others and treat people with respect.  If someone insults you, don’t give them what they want by getting mad.  Instead, you can think of a funny come back.

By: Chloe, Stephanie, Odin, & Madilyn


Bullying should never happen.  These are some strategies to end bullying.  First, you can use humour to respond to bullying.  No matter what, don’t let your emotions take over.  Next, be confident and always stand up for yourself and others.  Don’t be a bystander, stand up! Bullying needs to STOP!

By: Issett, Zac, Kieran & Anthony

Let’s not let bullies take over! Instead, you can ignore bullies.  Don’t give the bully what they want.  You should never join a bully because it just makes life harder for everyone.

By: Paige, Aiman, Mariam & Noah


No bullies! No bullies! Bullies will just keep bullying you if you don’t stand up for yourself.  Be confident and stay strong.  You can be just as strong as the bully.  Don’t let other people take over by being mean.  No bullies! No bullies!

By: Rani, Brianna, & Isabel

We can make sure bullying doesn’t happen by standing up to the bully.  You can say something funny to confuse them or just ignore them and walk away.  Stand up for yourself and others!

By: Leo, Asher, & Jesse


Never let a bully take over.  If they say something rude, try to turn it into a compliment.  Remember, the bully is finished if you don’t give him or her what they want.

By: Victoria, Sebastian, & Kali

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