April 12

Recorder Karate!!!

The music room is a buzz with the sounds of recorders!  We’re having a great time learning recorders…Karate style!  They earn Karate belts by practicing songs, with each belt/level adding another element of music (ie. Dynamics, slurring, new notes, etc).  Here’s what each class has to say about our Recorder Karate…


Room 21   

“It’s fun!”

“Making music is beautiful!”

“Sometimes it hurts our ears”



Room 27

“We started with Hot Cross Buns”

“Squeaks don’t matter, we just have to try best”

“We do Mad Minutes to learn our B-A-G notes”


Room 28 

“You can advance as fast as  you want”

“I like that it’s fun & easy”

“The more we practice, the better we get”

Room 25 

“Recorders are a good instrument with a nice soothing sound”

“We’re earning belts like Karate”

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