June 15

Room 21 Measures Up!


We are learning all about measurement in Room 21.  Did you know that the tip of your pinky finger is about 1 centimetre wide? This fact has helped us with our estimation skills.  We have also been learning the difference between reasonable estimates and unreasonable estimates.  The more experience we have measuring objects, the more reasonable our estimates are. The best part of learning about measurement is working with partners and measuring objects outside. Things get a little tricky when it is windy outside, but we get to work in teams and enjoy the fresh air! If you need help measuring something, come see the students in Room 21!


June 12

Room 28 had an amazing May with lots of exciting things that we did.

On the tenth some of our amazing students participated in the Honor Choir, and I’m sure wedid an amazing job! The next day we had a soapstone carving session with Michael Many Eagles. We made carvings that we could wear as necklaces. It made a lot of white dust on the floor when we sanded the soapstone. Everyone really liked doing it. It was a fun time!


We’ve also been trying to get outside more this month. We’ve been taking our books outside to read, and learning about directions and space topics while sitting by the trees in the dog park. We are hoping to do an Outdoor Challenge day in June where we spend all day learning outside.


Room 28 also participated in Mini Olympics. Not everyone won but I hope everyone

had fun! The next day was the closing ceremonies that Room 28 also went to. A few of Room 28 students went to the divisional track meet. Hopefully people found that fun too.


We hope Rhianna, Aynsley, Callum, and John had great birthdays this month. The month of May has been a fun one and hopefully June will also be!


By: Afolabi


June 4

Junior High Exam Schedule 2018

Exam                                                                     Date

E.L.A. – Part One                                                   Tuesday, June 12 a.m.

E.L.A. – Part Two                                                   Wednesday, June 13 a.m.

Science                                                                     Friday, June 15 a.m.

Social Studies                                                        Tuesday, June 18 p.m.

Math                                                                       Tuesday, June 19 a.m.