September 26

Room 28 is Off to a GREAT Start

Room 28’s September Story


At the beginning of September, we started off by getting to know each other. We took a survey to learn about our learning styles, we realized that we are very musical and intrapersonal. We finished the week by baking zucchini muffins and cake, MMMM!


Our second week we had to do our writing assessments, one of the topics was to write about being a teacher for a day. We’ve been doing community circle every morning to share our ideas and about us.


On September 18th we went to Agriculture in The Classroom and Kelburn Farm. We saw some animals like pigs, chickens, cows and bees. We saw a chicken lay an egg outside of the nesting area. The farmer said that rarely happens! The baby pigs were only a day old and they were super cute! We learned that the farmer only names the dairy cows if they’re special. We looked through the glass and had to spot the queen bee. She had a pink spot of her back.


Through the day we earned fake money that we could use at the cookie auction at lunch. Absar and CJ had to bid on boxes of cookies during the auction. We got a good deal and only spent 250 fake dollars while the other teams spent around 1000 dollars! It was a great field trip!


We are also starting to learn about the human body in science. A lot of us are interested in the heart and the circulatory system, and we’ll be ready to share our learning next month.


We’re off to a great start in Room 28!


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