September 28

Room 15 Reflects

Orange Shirt Day


We wear orange shirts to remember the girl that could not wear her bright clothes to residential school. – Maggie


We read a story about residential school. You could only wear dark clothes that looked the same. No bright colours. It was a sad school. – Lily


The children couldn’t have long hair. – Ruth


I would be sad if I was away from my family. – Sage


It was so sad for the kids that went to residential school. They lived far away from their family. – Alexa


They didn’t get to play trains at residential school. – Dmitrii


I am happy to go to Earl Grey and not residential school. – Talon


I like Kindergarten. I get dressed in anything I want. – Jaxson


Residential schools are closed. You had to speak the wrong words and couldn’t speak your own words. – Saya

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