September 28

Room 27: The Amazing Agriculture Adventure



Once upon a Tuesday there were three classrooms that boarded a bus headed to Kelburn Farm.  On the bus some of the windows were open and it was cold.  Our driver kept stopping and turning and was a bit lost. Thankfully he found his and way and delivered us to the farm. The three classrooms were off to begin a day of learning.


One of the first stations that Room 27 visited was the Weather Game!  The game taught how weather can affect crops. Some of the things we learned from this game were that crops need rain and sun but not too much of each.  Too little rain can cause drought conditions and crops can die.  Too much rain can cause plants to rot and not grow properly.  A farmer’s successful crop is dependent on weather.


A few stations later it was time to be a farmer!  In the game students who acted as the farmer borrowed money from the bank to buy seed, fertilizer, fuel, herbicides and insurance,  Did you know farmers buy insurance for their crops?   After harvest the farmer sells the crops and pays the bank back.  The money left over is how the farmer pays for his home and family.  Farming is an expensive business!


Lunch was fun!  There was a cookie auction.  The students made money as they worked through the stations by asking questions, giving ideas and participating in any way.  The money was used to purchase cookies for the class.  A real auctioneer took the bids.  Room 27 had over two thousand dollars to spend and got the first box of cookies.  They were chocolate chip and they were delicious.


After lunch the three classes boarded the bus again and headed to the University of Manitoba Research Farm.  The first thing Room 27 noticed was the smell.  What a nice smell of poop!  The classes learned about all kinds of livestock such a chickens, pigs and cows.  Room 27 enjoyed the dairy cows and learned that a machine milks them.  The cows have a computer chip on a collar.  When the cow goes to be milked (and get a treat) the chip only allows that cow to be milked if she should be.  The classes were surprised that farming is so high tech!


Our day came to end and the three classes returned to school by bus.  It was a great day of learning and fun.


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