October 10

Hello from our Parent Council

Dear Earl Grey Community,


We wanted to provide information on ways to volunteer your time. Please see the description of below of specific areas within Parent Advisory Committee, as well as our school. If there is something that isn’t listed here that you’d like to be involved in, please feel free to share your ideas because we’d love to see many of you involved.


  1. PAC Secretary

Time commitment – attendance at EG PAC meetings. If you are not able to attend every month, someone will be able to fill in for you.

Role – taking minutes at the meeting (a computer can be provided for use at the meeting).


  1. South District Advisory Committee member

Time commitment – four meetings a year (in addition to regular EG PAC meetings), usually 7:00 p.m. on a week night.

Role – attendance at the informal meetings, which provide the opportunity for committee members to discuss school, parent council, and Division-wide activities and initiatives with Trustees. Agenda and minutes are provided for you to report back to EG PAC.


  1. Fundraising Committee

Time commitment – helping before and during fundraisers, email and/or in person meetings outside of PAC meetings

Role – supporting the fundraising efforts of EG PAC

Additional Role – finding and/or helping teachers or PAC to apply for various school grants


  1. Lunch program Committee

Time commitment – brief meetings every 4-6 weeks outside of PAC meetings

Role – supporting and giving guidance for the Lunch Program


  1. Volunteer recruitment for teachers


Please consider how you can be involved at Earl Grey. Looking forward to hearing from you. You can email myself at kathyheppner@gmail.com or contact Lisa Smit-Beiko.



Kathy Heppner

EG PAC Chair