November 3


A typical day starts with us meeting our friends outside in the cold waiting for the bell to ring. Once we get to our lockers, we get our stuff and head to our classrooms. Most days in junior high begin with either Math or E.L.A.

In Math, the Grade 7’s are working on adding and subtracting mixed and improper fractions while the Grade 8’s are working on multiplying and dividing mixed and improper fractions. The hardest part for all of us has been to draw a picture to show our mathematical thinking.

In E.L.A. we are reading the book “Refugee” as part of the Global Read Aloud. So far, we are enjoying the book and are looking forward to starting book clubs later this month. We recommend this book for anyone who is interested in learning about a child’s perspective of some of the historical events that have shaped our world as we now it today. We have been learning how to interact with the text by learning how to annotate/markup the text. We have also been working on the literary elements and devices and how authors use them in their writing.

Lunch time involves eating our lunch of course, but for many of us it means more time to spend with our friends until classes start once again in the afternoon.

In Science we have been working on forces and structures. Recently, we were challenged to work with a partner to build a sturdy structure out of straws and paper clips that would support the most weight.\

In Social Studies, we have been learning the qualities of a good map. We were asked to create our own island and to use everything we have learned to map it.

The day usually ends with students in either Spanish, Dance, Music or Technology. On day 5’s, we have Genius Hour in the afternoon and on day 6’s we all go to shops classes at Kelvin

Yesterday, we had a Halloween Dance organized by the Earl Grey Eagles for Equality (E.E.E.) and last night, the majority of us went tricking or treating with our friends.

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