November 5

Room 15 is Eating Healthy

Lots of sugar is not healthy for your body. You can’t eat it all the time. Its a sometimes food. – Logan

Sugar can’t help your body concentrate. Candy has lots of sugar. – Alexa

You have to brush your teeth after eating candy. You don’t want sugar bugs to rot your teeth. – Saya

You can’t bring your Halloween candy to school for snack. Its not healthy. – Salam

If you eat too much candy, you get sick. – Dontai

You can eat one candy for lunch snack. – Dmitrii

You have to eat healthy stuff for breakfast. Fruit and cereal is healthy. Chocolate bars and suckers are not healthy. – Brooklyn

Moms and Dads need to check our candies before we can eat it. Sometimes wrappers fall off and there might be germs on the candy. – Lily

If you bring candy to school, you might not be a good learner. If you want to bring it to school, you can’t. Its not healthy. – Ruth

Candy is not healthy for you but it tastes good. – Charlie

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