November 5

Room 23’s October Blog Story

We Skype with kids from New Jersey, in USA.  They are Mrs. Berckerman’s class. We ask questions about their country and they ask questions about our country. We like Skyping with them to tell them all the things we do. We like Skyping with them so we can see our new friends. We learned that they celebrate Halloween, but it is not the same as ours. They give things, but they also get things. We learned that their school is a Jewish school. Instead of Christmas, they celebrate Hanukah. The holiday of Hanukah lasts for eight days, and at the end of each day, they get gifts.  We have been reading a lot of the same books as they have read including, “My Heart Fills with Happiness” by Monique Gray Smith, “Wild Berries” byJulie Flett and “You Hold Me Up” also by Monique Gray Smith.

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