November 22

Room 28 October Story

October was a very busy month! We started off the month with the Terry Fox Run. It was cold and rainy! But we took our class picture outside. Then we had Thanksgiving. The Grade 6 class had art, and we made a sky background with birch trees. We learned about blending and mixing colours. Grade ⅘ also had their art classes. We learned about tessellations, and made neat patterns. We also made self-portraits with one colour.

We then had our first science workshop, where we dissected a sheep’s eye. It was pretty gross! We found out that there is jelly inside the eye that holds the lens. The lens is very thick and felt like a grape. That same day we used Ozobots. You can code them to read different colours and do different things, like turbo speed or spin.

Next, we got started on our Passion Projects! This is where we research something we are passionate about. We will be creating presentations later for our parents and families. Isabella is studying succulents, Daniel is studying hoverboards, and Scarlett is studying rabbits.

Then we finished our science presentations. Cj, Daniel and Absar created a really cool model of the Brain, Spine and Nervous system. Odin and Amos taught us about the largest bone (femur) and the smallest bone (stape, located in your ear).

In our second science workshop we dissected a pig’s heart. One group found hair inside the heart, that we learned got there when the heart was removed. We learned about the atria and the ventricles inside our hearts.

On Halloween, most of the students wore their costumes! Mr. Armstrong was dressed up as the Queen Of Hearts, he made a pretty good lady! The K-4 students had the Haunted Gym, run by EEE. Grade 5-8’s had the Halloween Dance. We had to bring a canned good or a dollar to get in.

We all had an awesome October, we hope you did too!


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