February 6

Room 27 January Story

January brought many exciting adventures to Room 27. One of them was the 4,5,6 Share Fair. At the Share Fair students shared their interesting projects with their families, friends, teachers and fellow classmates.  If they wanted they could be in a private room with just their parents. One cool project was Nolan’s Crested Gecko presentation. Another very interesting  presentation was about Animal Cannibalism. There were so many different topics!


The Grade 4 students all went to the Pan Am Pool for swimming lessons on Thursdays in January.  We have learned how to be safe around water and ice.  We have also learned the dos and don’ts when someone needs help in the water.  We practiced using flotation devices. We have one more lesson left.


As a class we have been studying Chemistry.  What is Chemistry you ask?  Chemistry is the study of properties of and changes in matter.  You might also be wondering about the word matter and what it means.  Everything is made of matter!  You are made of matter.  We have done several experiments to learn about variables and how we test one and control the rest.  We are looking forward to more.




Share Fair details and ideas by the Grade 5 students.

Swimming information by the Grade 4 students

Chemistry by the Grade 6 students.

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