February 19

Junior High by Room 37

This month in E.L.A we have finished book clubs and have just started reading the book “Red Wolf.” The book is about a young aboriginal boy that has been forced away from his family by the Canadian government to attend a residential school. So far both of our classes are enjoying the book.

In Science class we have been learning about the particle theory and the difference between temperature and heat. Everyone was put in a small group and we had to make an insulator that would fit in our backpack. We had to put a can full of water inside the insulator with a thermometer that we checked periodically over the course of an hour. Several students have been attending the Inner City Science Center once every two weeks.


In Social Studies we have been learning about human rights. We have to do a research project on either a human rights activist or on an event where we can show what human right was violated.

In Math we have started learning about integers. The grade 7’s are learning how to add and subtract integers while the grade 8’s are learning how to multiply and divide integers.

In shops, the grade 7’s are in electronics and have been building shocking devices. The grade 8’s are in Freeze Frame and have been working on creating their own music videos.

All junior high students have just switched creativity hour classes. Half of the students are now in dance, while the other half is in technology on Days 1 and 2.  On Days 3 &4, half of the students are in music while the other half is now in Spanish.

On Janary 16th, eight junior students attended the divisional “Everyone Has the Right Conference” at the Human Rights Museum.  On Thursday, Feb. 14th, the principal from the MET School in Seven Oaks School Division and 4 of her students, attending our Genius Hour afternoon and shared with us their projects and to talk with us about how their project based learning presentations are done. On Feb.27, ten junior students will be attending the Youth Matters Conference hosted by the Winnipeg Police Service. All junior high students will be taking part in the Speak Up, a mental health literacy program that will take place every morning next week.  Finally, many of us are looking forward to the junior high ski trip on March 7th.


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