March 21


This week is Spirit Week and we have seen many interesting outfits.  On Wacky Wednesday there were some crazy mixed up costumes.  From our class Evelyn was a milk superhero and Nolan was Gyna,  a made-up entertainer and was very entertaining.  Keziah covered her face in foam stickers and we called them foam pox.  Kalem wore LED glasses and Zia wore shorts on her head.  Asha wore shorts over her pants and two different shoes. Madoka, Stefan, Kenneth, Kadan, Keziah, Ariel, Zia, Asha, Emma, Taya and Alex wore their clothing backwards.  Madex wore an overgrown shirt with two different shoes.  Taya also wore two different shoes.  Ariel and Keziah wore their shoes on the wrong feet.  On Twin Day Saboor didn’t need to wear matching clothes as he already has a twin.  Many of our class dressed as twins and wore hats for  Hat Day.

Earlier this month we went the Winnipeg Music Festival at the Westminster United Church.  Our choir performed two songs and received silver.


We also had Student Led Conferences this month.  We did some science experiments.  In one of the experiments we put an antacid tablet in a film container with a bit of water.  The pressure of the gas, carbon dioxide, forced the lid off the film container with a pop!  We scared a few of the parents.  One of the things we shared was our Salvador Dali art.  We also shared our writing pieces and our Book Club book.   Some of us visited the Music Room, French Room the Gym.

As we write this, we are looking forward to the Gym Riot this afternoon and our field trip to Grosvenor School tomorrow to watch the play Torn Through Time.  We are also looking forward to SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!


Shared Writing – Written by Room 27 Students

March 21

Room 22: Each Kindness Makes the World Better!

Our class read the book “Each Kindness” by Jacqueline Woodson.  It is about a student who tries to be kind to a group of kids at school and they are not kind in return.  They ignore and make fun instead of trying to be friendly.  The message we discovered from this book is that sometimes you do not get a second chance to be kind to someone.

After reading this book we decided to recognize the kindness in each other.  We do that with a cotton challenge.  Cotton behaviours are things that we do that make us feel good inside like smiling, giving compliments and including others when we play.  Every day we pick one cotton behaviour to focus on.  If we see someone do it, we put a piece of cotton in a jar.  When the jar is full, we celebrate our hard work!  Cotton behaviours make us feel happy!  Kindness helps you to have good relationships with other people.  We encourage you to read this book and we hope you learn a lesson from it too.

“Each kindness makes the whole world a little bit better.”

March 19

Did You Know That Room 23 went to MTYP?

Did you know that Room 23 went to MTYP?

On Wednesday, March 13th 2019, Room 23 went to watch “The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites” by Mermaid Theatre Company from Nova Scotia.

Instead of actors on stage they used, puppets that two people moved around to tell the story. They also used black lights and glow paint to help make it more realistic. For most of the time, we could not see the actors since they were all dressed in blacks, camouflaging themselves on stage.

The three stories they told were “Little Cloud”, “The Mixed- Up Chameleon” and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

At the beginning of the play, they announced that this would be a “non shhhing play” and that they would like the audience to help tell the story. We felt free to talk and laugh during the play. Some of us felt like this was a distraction and it was hard to hear and concentrate on the play.

One of the main themes was during “The Mixed-Up Chameleon” and it was about how we should accept how we look and not compare ourselves to others. This is important because you should learn how to be yourself and not feel bad about what others many think of you.

Another theme was spoken about in “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and that was about a healthy diet. The caterpillar ate a lot of food that included, different fruits and sweets. He made himself sick by over eating and his stomach got bigger. In the end, he turned into a beautiful butterfly. His colours were purple, red, green, yellow and blue.

We thought that the “Little Cloud” encouraged us to use our imagination and also not to feel bad because you are smaller than other people.

At the very end of the show, the actors came on stage and did an question and answer period. They showed us that the puppets were made of form and that they had multiple puppets for the same characters. They showed how they made the different puppets move with strings, sticks and their hands.  They looked like they were tired and sweaty but they had a lot of fun!

If you have the chance to go to MTYP you SHOULD!


Yours Truly,

Room 23


P.S. If you can’t tell, we had A LOT OF FUN!


March 11

Room 25: Building, Reading & Splashing!

February was an incredible month!  Our class went up to the makers space area and had a tower building contest it was so much fun!!


February is I love to read month and we had several activities and guest readers.  It was incredible when Lyla’s Kokum cam and read to us a book she wrote 50 years ago!

The Grade 4’s finished their swimming matters course and they had a wonderful time learning how to swim.

March 1

Room 27: February Fun

February was a busy month for Room 27.  We spent one week writing, revising and practicing our play for assembly.  It was a game show called What’s the Matter?  We wanted to show our learning about Science and we wanted it to be funny so we included some corny jokes.  We were nervous the day of the play but it all went really well.


Another fun thing we did in February was our trip to Festival Du Voyageur.  We made a wooden puppet called Bon Homme and listened a band.  A bunch of people danced to the band!  The snow playground was one of our favourite parts.  Some of us went down the toboggan run.


February was I Love to Read month.  We enjoyed listening to Wab Kinew.  The Poem in My Pocket day was fun too.  All the students in Room 27 chose a favourite picture book and took a turn reading it to the class.  We still have a few kids left to read.