June 6

Room 15 is full of BEANS!

We are learning about the life cycle of beans. Seven of our beans are growing. – Maggie


Beans need water, sun and air to grow. They can grow tall. – Alexa


Seeds just know when to grow. The outside of a bean seed keeps the seed healthy and safe. There is food for the plant inside the seed to help it grow.


Beans can grow with no soil! We planted bean seeds in a bag. We used cotton balls and paper towel. We put them against the window for sun. – Sage


We didn’t plant the seeds in the soil because we want to see the roots grow. – Angelika



Our beans are starting to grow! I can see the roots. – Dmitrii


Beans grow very quick. They sprouted over the weekend. – Janella


The bean seeds are growing faster in wet paper towels than the wet cotton balls. – Lily




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