October 2

Is Room 23 Getting School Uniforms?

On Wednesday, September 18th Mrs. Orchard wrote in our morning message that Ms. Penner, our principal, was thinking about making us students wear school uniforms. Some of us did not like the idea and thought our brains were going to EXPLODE because this idea was CRAZY! Why would our school make us wear a uniform all of a sudden?

Some of us were excited about wearing the uniforms but were confused about why we didn’t wear them last year.

Some of us liked the idea of wearing uniforms because we might feel good in fancy clothes. Also no one would be able to make fun of each other’s clothes because we would all dress the same!

We wrote about the topic in class and went home to tell our families that our school might be getting uniforms.

The next day, Mrs. Orchard told us that it was not true. The elementary teachers had made this writing ideas to help us learn and get our ideas on school uniforms. We decided that even though the uniforms were not happening it made for a good first blog post!

-Room 23

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