October 4

Room 27’s Terry Fox Committer Meets Fundraising Goal

Congratulations to the Terry Fox Committee for reaching their fundraising goal.  Beginning mid-September, a group of hard working leaders in Grade 5 and 6 from Room 27 met to plan and organize our annual Terry Fox Fundraiser.  Zia, Remington, Zac, Shay, Keziah, Madex, Evelyn and Madoka met over several lunch hours to set a fundraising goal and decide on an incentive to reach the goal.  A pie in the face of Mr. Shenkarow was the plan and $500 was the goal.  Posters were made, tattoos and stickers were organized, money was counted and coins were rolled and their parts for the assembly speech were written and practiced.  By the end of the week $630 was raised for the Terry Fox Fundraiser!  It was an awesome experience for me to watch these young leaders in action!

Donna Last

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