October 10

Room 16 needs you to SLOW DOWN

October 10, 2019


Dear Students of Earl Grey,


We are saving our future generation of children from getting hit by vehicles passing by Earl Grey School at Fleet and Cockburn street.   In Room 16, classroom students made Slow Down signs to bring outside and hold up in the air to get motorists to slow down when passing by Earl Grey School.  


All of us together in Room 16 wrote a convincing letter to the Director of Public Works to install a four way stop sign at the intersection of Fleet and Cockburn street to stop traffic and


Constable Cross and Constable Foltz from the Winnipeg Police Service came out on snowy, soggy Thursday in October to help us with our message.   Constable Foltz had the laser gun and aimed it at vehicles passing by the school to see how fast they were going.   We also invited the School Patrols to help us cross the road.  

OUR SIGNS WORK!!   Traffic was moving slowly.   That’s much safer than before.  

Our next step is to write another letter to our City Councillor Sherri Rollins and our local MLA to help us with our cause.


We have one last message to tell you.  Ask your parents to drive slow in School Zones.  




Students in Room 16


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