December 16

Junior High November News

The junior highs recently took part in the Global Read Aloud which see students all over the world reading the same book at the same time.  Our book, “The Bridge Home,” was about two sisters living in India who run away from home due to an abusive father. The girls end up meeting two other homeless children, Arul and Muthu, and together they work the garbage heaps of India as “ragpickers.”    

We also took part in a postcard exchange with 44 other schools in many different countries. Our postcards were created with a mix of many of our ideas for what we wanted to say to other schools about our city and ourselves.

We’ve started to receive postcards as well! So far we’ve gotten about fifteen cards from some of the following locations: Texas, Kansas, Ontario, and Nebraska!

In Social Studies, we took part in a group art activity which tied into our most recent learnings. We’ve been thinking about human ancestors and the way they expressed themselves. More specifically, we’ve been learning cave art! Why it was created, when it was created, how it was created, and by who it was created.

Our Social Studies teacher thought it would be interesting to express our findings in a new and creative way, which we all really enjoyed. We did research on where cave art could be found all around the world, then picked specific pieces to recreate. We used chalk pastels and paint to create our art, and made title cards describing where and when our pieces can be found. The junior high students thought it was a cool way to remember and understand new things. Many of us loved the artistic aspect! We also liked that we were able to cover a big wall with all of our paintings, like a cave of our very own. Here are some examples of our cave art:

In Science, we did a pig heart dissection on the 28th.

Some of us really enjoyed the dissection portion and some of us preferred to watch. Either way, we all learned new things and it was an interesting experience!

Though some of us thought it would be gross and scary, it wasn’t nearly as bad as any of us had thought it would be.

It was a really good way to apply what we had already been learning to a real-life situation! I know that I certainly remember a lot more thanks to this opportunity.

We also had some really amazing instructors who showed us exactly what to do and how to do it. They helped us understand what we were doing, and made sure we had a good time!



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