December 16

Room 13 Learned All About Trees

We learned all about trees! We know lots of parts of the tree.
The roots are under the ground and soak up water.
The trunk holds the tree up and keeps it strong.
The branches hold the leaves up to the sun.
The leaves soak up the sunlight and help the tree make food.

We learned how animals use trees. They eat the nuts, fruit and leaves. Some animals even live in trees!

People use trees too. We use them to get yummy syrup. We cut them down and use the wood to build things like houses and tables.

Did you know that you can tell how old trees are? When you look at the inside of trees there are rings. The number of rings is how many years old the tree is!

There are 4 seasons. We learned about how the leaves on a tree look in each season. In Fall they are very colourful! They are red, orange, yellow, brown and sometimes purple. In Winter, there are no leaves, but evergreen trees are still green. In the Spring, new little leaves start to grow back on the trees. In the summer, trees have nice big green leaves!!




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