December 16

Room 21: What a Celebration!!!!

Room 21 has been busy preparing for our up coming assembly and End of the Year Spanish Celebration on Dec 11th. For our assembly, we will performing to the song “La Vida es in Carnaval” by Celia Cruz. We have been learning a lot about many famous Spanish people and Celia Cruz was one of them! We learned that Celia Cruz was a Cuban artist and was known as the “Queen of Salsa.” We are so excited to perform our dance that highlights that life is a carnival and to enjoy life!

During the past month, we had many guest speakers come in to teach us about many Spanish speaking countries such as Cuba, Spain, Ecuador and Argentina. We also had some high school students, that are studying Spanish, visit our school to teach us about MAÍZ (corn). We are very excited to to showcase our learning during our End of the Year Spanish Celebration!


We had a great celebration on Wednesday, Dec 11  in the gym! Thanks for joining us!

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