December 16

Room 22 Reflections

On October 22, 2019 we went to Fort Whyte for our first Outdoor Education session.  Students built forts with logs, created leaf creatures inspired by the story “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert and engaged in team building games.  The theme of the day was “Risk Assessment” and making decisions with respect to the environment.

Reflections on Outdoor Education at Fort Whyte

I made a tall tower with big sticks. –Naomi

I liked when we saw a deer. –Grady

We needed to wear hats, boots, jackets, ski pants and mittens to be warm. –Saya

We made a tent fort out of bungee cords, rope, tarps and the trees and we ate our lunch there.  I could not heat my food up. –Bentley

It was fun to make leaf creatures and leaf people from the leaves in the forest. –Ethan

I went in the puddles because I had rain boots. –Charlie

It was fun when we did the activities. –Hannah

My friends and I built big, big forts with big logs. –Evan


Reflections on “Peter Pan” at Manitoba Theatre for Young People

It was fun when the actors dressed up. –Ruth

It was sad when Tinkerbell died but then she came back alive when they filled her with happy memories. –Madelyn

I liked when Captain Hook was in the box and then he was gone. –Tucker

I thought it was cool when they pretended to fly. –Brooklyn

I liked when Peter Pan was singing a song. –Luiza

I liked when they shot the cannon.  I think they popped a balloon to make that noise. –Bentley


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