December 16

Room 26 & Room 28’s Field Trip to Fort Whyte

Last month, Rm. 28 and Rm. 26 went on a field trip to Fort Whyte.

In the group that I was in, we did an activity called “Adapt Or Die”. We started of with two plates and two boxes, and chopsticks, tweezers, and things like that. The tools were supposed to represent different bird beaks and how their structural adaptation helps them survive.for example, we would use the tweezers to grab plastic worms  by putting it through a hole in the box as an American Robin does.

After that we did another activity where we went to the creek. We could have a bucket, and a net. We were supposed to catch as many little animals as we could. We caught a lot of water black larvaes.

After lunch, we played a game called predator and prey.

The rules were that you would either be a herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore. There was also a human, but we’ll get to that later.

We all had life chips. The herbivores had 8, the omnivores would have 4, and the carnivores would have less than 4.

The herbivores would run away from omnivores and carnivores and a human to survive, an omnivore had to hunt herbivores and run from carnivores and a human, and the carnivores had to hunt the herbivores and omnivores, and run from the human.

By the way, you all had to get 6 stations in a piece of paper with some kind of special orange holepuncher.

The game was pretty fun, but we all learned a lot from the trip.  We all learned how structural and behavioral adaptations helped different animals survived. It was very fun, and I would recommend to go to Fort Whyte.



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