January 31

Room 22’s Top 5 Facts About Penguins

There are 17 different kinds of penguins.  Some penguins live in Antarctica where it is cold.  Some live near the equator where it is warmer.  Here are our Top 5 facts about penguins.

  1. Penguins eat fish, squid and krill from the frigid ocean water. They preen their feathers so they don’t get wet when they swim.
  2. Male Emperor penguins toboggan on their bellies with the egg in their brood pouch.
  3. Penguins regurgitate food to feed their babies.
  4. Did you know that penguins used to fly thousands of years ago?
  5. Penguins trumpet to talk to each other.

We found it interesting to learn about penguins.  We hope we inspired you to learn more about penguins too.

-Room 22

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