March 3

Room 23’s Top Ten Facts about Polar Bears

1.) A male polar bear is 10 feet tall and a female is 8 feet tall. That is a 2 feet difference!

2.) When the mom polar is pregnant the dad polar bear leaves the mom to mate with another female polar bear. The mom polar bear leaves the cub when it is 2 and ½ years old.

3.) During the cold months the polar bears in Churchill travel onto the sea ice on Hudson Bay to hunt for food.

4.) Polar bears protect their cubs by cuddling them for warmth, they walking in front of them, and fight off predators.

5.) When the baby cubs are born they are about the size of a squirrel and less than 2 pounds.

6.) Polar bears are both predators and prey.

7.) Polar bears are consider to be black bears that have evolved over 400,000 years.

8.) Polar bears have black skin. The black skin absorbs the heat from the sun and helps to keep them warm.

9.) Polar bears’ fur is not actually white, it is transparent. When sun light reflects off the fur it makes it look white.

10.) Polar bears’ diet in the wild is made up of arctic hares, ringed seals, arctic foxes, walruses and fish.

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