March 5

Room 27 Heart and Eye Investigations


On February 20,  the Women in Science and Engineering program came to Room 27 to conduct a dissection with us!  An eyeball was our first investigation.  After a discussion and lesson from Huda, our instructor, we began to carefully remove the parts of the eye in groups of three.  We learned new vocabulary such as retina, cornea, pupil, lens and aqueous and vitreous humor.

After recess, it was time to take a look at the heart.  We worked in groups of three again to follow the instructions and plan of the dissection.  First we examined the two sides of the heart.  Later we followed the instructions to locate the chambers, atria, valves, arteries and veins.  Apparently, we were amazing through this whole experience.  We had great learning conversations as we worked together as scientists.


Room 27

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