March 19

Junior High News

Recently in Junior High, we have been getting to enjoy lots of events and experiences that we have been looking forward to for a while!


Most recently, our annual Gym Riot was held in the gym (shocker)! We had three teams: The Gray Boulders, The Red Flames, and The Black Chalkboards!

Gym Riot involves the Junior Highs as well as the Grade 5s & 6s. We had a couple Grade 4 students helping Mr. Armstrong too.

Some of our favourite parts of gym riot were the pie eating contest and taping people to the wall, but the best part is always how competitive and energetic everyone is. 

In the end, The Black Chalkboards (Mrs. Desrosier’s team) won, and we had a tie for second place with the Flames and the Boulders!

Our winning team, the Black Chalkboards


Tomorrow will be our “Greasers Day” hosted by Mrs. Desrosiers. We recently finished reading our book “The Outsiders” which ties into this event. We have also been writing some persuasive essays about the book as well. At our “Greasers Day” we will get to dress up like our favourite characters from the book and eat some food mentioned in the novel. We will also get to watch the movie adaptation of the book!

On March 9th, some of us will get to attend Stepz, a dance program that several schools will get to attend. It’s a one-day program where we will get the chance to try Salsa, Lyrical, and Hip Hop dancing! We’re really looking forward to being able to try some new styles of dance outside of our dance classes.


In Math, we’ve been working on patterns and linear relations. The Grade 7s are working on factors and how they relate to patterns, while the Grade 8s are working on linear relations, graphs, and formulas. 


In Science, we have been working on our Optics unit. We got to do a sheep eyeball dissection and also worked with some cool robots called “Ozbots”, which recognize colours and are able to perform certain actions based on the lines and colours they are given.


Overall, we have been having a good time in Junior High and we have been working towards being kinder towards each other. Every Genius Hour (Day 5s) we get to work towards being a better third-floor community and the reasonable actions we can take to turns our ideas into realities.


By Miriam, Lily, & Ayla


Shout out to Ayla (she did the most) 🙂


“Most fooling around” says Lilith


“Most hitting her knees on chairs” says Mirom 

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