March 19

Room 22 Loves Learning in the Forest

We are having marshmallows.


We are eating lunch on a tarp so our lunches don’t get cold.  I am cold!


We are climbing a tree.  We are talking.


I am making a snow angel.


We are playing Harry Potter together!


We are playing in the trees together.


I am sitting in a tree.


We are making a tree house.


We are playing Fortnite in the snow.


We are finding deer tracks.


This is a deer track.


I am climbing a tree.


I am climbing up a tree.


We are digging out a big stick.


We made a tree fort all together and we hung our backpacks in it and we are super proud.


We are going hunting for deer and chickens.


I have a stick.  I am playing Fortnite.

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