October 5

Room 14 Has Lots of Fun Exploring

We have had lots of fun exploring our math centres where we have the opportunity to sort, match, count, show patterns, roll the dice and find the value of a number with spiders.  We are learning to show the number of the day with words, tally marks, ten frame, fingers, dice and addition sentences.  We have also been showing how add the number of the day with our fingers.  We have coloured a book of autumn colours ie verde, amarillo, morado y verde to learn our colours in Spanish.  During the Month of September and October we are  celebrating Spanish Heritage Month, it has been tons of fun collaborating with the other Spanish Bilingual classes on building an amazing bulletin board of all our learning.  I love Satuday’s y domingos allowed us to make cometas and globos in the colour of our choosing.  Quizás algo Hermoso (Maybe Something Beautiful) gave us the opportunity to express our collective murals in with different shapes ie.  diamantes, círculos, cuadrados y corazones.  We have also been learning to write our vowels and our letter of the week.

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