March 1

Room 23 is Wondering: Have you ever seen Misty Copeland dance?

Have you ever seen Misty Copeland dance?

Have you ever read one of her books?


Misty Copeland was born in Kanas City, Missouri. Misty Copeland was 13 years old when she started dancing in California. She studied ballet. She became known as one of the most amazing dancers in L.A. and won several competitions. Her family didn’t have a lot of money and had to live in a motel for some time. She pushed through the hard times and kept on dancing.


Did you know that she was denied entry into different ballet schools because she was too old and her body didn’t look like a typical ballet dancer’s body? She never gave up because she was obsessed with dancing so much! It was her passion! She became a professional ballet dancer at 14 years old!  WOW!


She took the ballet world by storm! In 2000 she joined the American Ballet Theatre. In 2001 she became a member of the American Ballet Theatre’s Corps de Ballet. In 2007 she became the company’s 2nd African American soloist. In 2015 she was prompted to principal dancer making her the first ever African American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. She practiced every day to become better.

Today she is a public speaker, celebrity spokesperson and a New York Times Best Selling author. She has written two children’s booked, “Bunhead” and “Firebird”.

This is what we have learned about Misty Copeland.  Room 23

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