March 1

Three Poems by Three Junior High Students

The Justice System

You are innocent till proven guilty

that is the truth.

Then why are the innocent being treated guilty?


Bang, Bang

Has the jury come to a decision?

Not Guilty!

Abused, hurt,

never to be the same.

Yet they will walk.


Bang, Bang

Not guilty, but why?

Pictures, DNA, Hair fibers

But nothing matters because,

Not Guilty!


Abused, hurt, evidence everywhere;

Yet they will walk.

Why, because they are not guilty.


We asked for a retrial

but denied.

Denied, bail set higher,

but why when they are not guilty.

– Lily





We are killing the earth,

at an alarming rate.

Dumping plastic into the ocean,

crate by crate.

Burning the earth, with our machines and tech.


We can make a difference,

we can stop polluting,

we can change the world.

By doing things right.

We made these machines, let’s use them for good.

By planting trees and cleaning the air, earth and water.

We need to do something,

before it’s too late.

We need to stop.

before it’s too late.

For us.

– Nolan



Some live in the dark,

Afraid of lighting the torch,

Afraid of the fire it would erupt,

Worried that it may burn them,

And turn their skin and bones to ashes and dust,

Others light the torch and take a stand,

Preferring the light over the dark,

People like Viola,

Brave, Strong, Resilient,

Who took a stand and lit the torch,

Because it was less about tax,

And more about race,

Viewing Black as a disgrace,

But they all knew Justice meant liberty,

And segregation was oppression,

But that torch sparked a flame,

Which shone through the darkest of cannons,

Taking the oppression and ending the segregation,

Meeting the liberty and correcting the injustice.

– Olit

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