March 5

Room 12/21 – HAIR HAIR HAIR

Room 12 & 21 (who are learning in the Open Area)  wrote poems about our hair as part of our identity! We read poems about various types of hair to inspire us and also learned some juicy describing words to try out in our writing. Please enjoy our Spanglish creations!


Pelo poem

By: Ben


Mi pelo!

Mi pelo!

Mi pelo es rubio.


Mi pelo!

Mi pelo!

Mi pelo es lizo.


My hair soft like a pole.

My hair smells like nothing because I can’t smell.


My hair is like a cat’s fur.

And my hair is like ice because it is so slippery.


My hair is the best thing that I have.


Yo voy al lugar de pelo.

Mi pelo es lizo.

My hair gets short and it is blonde.

My hair is like a piece of paper.

My hair is blonde like caramel.


Oh, my hair, my hair!


My new and old hair…

By: Kamila

My hair is long like a piece of silk.

My hair sometimes feels rough and tough.

But most of the time it feels smooth and silky.

Every time after my shower, my hair feels straight and clean.

I was born bald,

So with that being said,

My hair grew and grew and my hair is long now.

My hair has always been brown.

And in ways, my hair can be thought to be black.

Okay. But, I believe it is both colors.

I braid, and I curl my hair.

So that it can be different ways.

Yo veo a mis trenzas en un espejo.

Tambien yo pienso que mi pelo no es malo.

A mi me gusta mi pelo ondulado y tambien

Es marron como mi chocolate favorito.

I have seen my braids in the mirror.

They are wavy when the braids go away. POOF!

My new hair now feels like it has no error.

The braids that my family makes

Are one hairstyle that make me feel

Strong like my dad.

My hair makes me proud.

Are you proud of yours?

Cherry pelo

By: Caitlin


My pink hair smells like a cherry.

My hair is pink like a flower.

My hair is long like a broom and it is fun.

Brown is the color of my hair too, it is like a string.

My hair is straight like a fork.


Mi pelo es lizo.

Mi pelo es rosa y marron.

Mi pelo es largo y corto.


Silly Blonde Hair

By: Kingston

I am blonde.

My mama is blonde.

My dad is blonde.

My brother is blonde.

I have blonde hair.

My hair feels soft.

Mi pelo es largo y mi pelo es lizo.

My hair feels silly and it feels like a furry jacket.

My hair smells like a coffee seed.

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