October 8

Earl Grey 150 Video

This week we did all of the prep work for our minute and a half “Tell Us The Most Important Things About Earl Grey” Video!

On our morning announcements, Ms. Penner told all of the students to talk to their teachers if they were interested in creating this video.  Senor Gaston emailed that teachers asking for students that would be interested in creating and recording a voice over to accompany our video.  We have amazing students at Earl Grey!

The first group of students met and created storyboards of what they thought people should know about Earl Grey.  From these storyboards, we created a shot list for the videographer who filmed at our school on Thursday. Here are a few of the storyboards created by our students.


The second group of students read through and practiced their lines and then recorded the voice over that will play as we watch the video. Here is a sneak peek……


We are excited to see the final product!

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