April 28

Passion Projects

In March, the Grade 3-6 students in Room 23, 24, 27, and 28 completed Passion Projects. Students were given time to explore their curiosities and formed questions to drive their learning. Students had lots of great questions about the world around them. Some learners wondered, “How was Lego invented?”, “How do you become a news reporter?” or “Why did World War 2 start?”. Wonders filled the classroom and excitement was in the air. Students eventually developed a big question, planned and researched over a 4-8 week block. Learners used many resources to help them learn about their topics, including speaking to experts in our community and conducting their own experiments to gather data. Students shared their learning with their peers in so many creative ways. From cooking to coding, the students enjoyed learning about so many different and unique passions.



April 28

EPC Saves The World

We are EPC – Earth Protection Crew.  We are trying to save the earth by picking up garbage every morning and afternoon recess.  We use time to do good instead of playing.  We noticed a candy wrapper outside when we would out at recess, and I remember that last year we had picking up garbage club and we thought why can’t we do it again.  We just started this week and we already collected approximately 10 full bags of garbage. Our plan is to separate the garbage by what can be recycled and what can’t.  We use plastic gloves because don’t want to touch garbage.


We are planning to start a EPC -J (Junior) for our siblings and other kids that are in younger grades that are interested in picking up trash.

We encourage other students to use their time to do good.

Watch for our logo, which we are working on.

-A message from EPC

EPC: Noah, Caleb, Bram, Suzanne, Elena, Alistair (Room 25 & 29)

April 28

Summer by Atticus, Grade 3

Light wind grazes on your face while playing with your friends and family in the water.

You sink your feet in the warm grass while laughing with your friends on a hot summer day.

Colour breathes through the air.

Your shoes get comfortable in the dirt when you’re eating at a park bench.

While you are walking you see animals running to flowers playfully.

You see trees at the playground.


Author: Atticus, Grade 3, Room 16

“Eating at a park bench is something I did during summer break.”