October 6

Room 25 NEVER Gives Up!


Hi this is room 25 and we had a blast in September!  We learned to be kind to ourselves.  We know mistakes happen, but we aren’t going to ever stop trying.  We have a never give up attitude in this class!


We recognized Orange shirt day by reading When I Was 8.  We each wrote a personal letter to Olemaun the girl that the story is about. It was the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s run.  We celebrated by doing different activities like push ups, sit ups, clapping and cartwheels. At the end of most days Mr. Shenkarow reads our class novel named Inkling. It is about a splotch of ink that is alive.


And that is our September news!


October 5

Room 14 Has Lots of Fun Exploring

We have had lots of fun exploring our math centres where we have the opportunity to sort, match, count, show patterns, roll the dice and find the value of a number with spiders.  We are learning to show the number of the day with words, tally marks, ten frame, fingers, dice and addition sentences.  We have also been showing how add the number of the day with our fingers.  We have coloured a book of autumn colours ie verde, amarillo, morado y verde to learn our colours in Spanish.  During the Month of September and October we are  celebrating Spanish Heritage Month, it has been tons of fun collaborating with the other Spanish Bilingual classes on building an amazing bulletin board of all our learning.  I love Satuday’s y domingos allowed us to make cometas and globos in the colour of our choosing.  Quizás algo Hermoso (Maybe Something Beautiful) gave us the opportunity to express our collective murals in with different shapes ie.  diamantes, círculos, cuadrados y corazones.  We have also been learning to write our vowels and our letter of the week.

October 5

Room 18’s First Blog Post!

Room 18 has been working hard during the month of September.

We learned about the differences between habitat, community, population and shelter.


We read the book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. The book is about nature, and we will explain to you how people destroy it. “The Lorax” is similar to reality, because people cut down trees and try to make money out of it. People can destroy the environment because they are greedy, just like the Once-ler in the book.


As we are destroying some habitats; many animals are becoming endangered or extinct. We discussed ways of helping animals and their environment. To bring back animals we have to take care of them and their habitats and stop killing them. We learned about food chains and food webs.

We researched by watching videos. We went for walks around our neighbourhood and discussed natural and human changes. We chose a tree and we drew a picture of it. We will do the same every season to see those natural changes happening. We built shelters by using different materials, such as paper, cardboard, glue sticks, pencil crayons, markers, Popsicle sticks, tape, straws and so much more and presented them to our classmates.

We talked about ways we can help the Earth by not littering, by planting more trees, and by recycling. We must recycle in the right bins, the blue ones! We must save the trees, because they help us breathe by making oxygen.


Thank you for reading the work we are doing. Please help Room 18 spread the word everywhere to be kind to our “Earth.” We are world savers.


“The Lorax” speaks for the trees, Room 18 SPEAKS FOR THE EARTH!




Room 18

March 19

Room 22 Loves Learning in the Forest

We are having marshmallows.


We are eating lunch on a tarp so our lunches don’t get cold.  I am cold!


We are climbing a tree.  We are talking.


I am making a snow angel.


We are playing Harry Potter together!


We are playing in the trees together.


I am sitting in a tree.


We are making a tree house.


We are playing Fortnite in the snow.


We are finding deer tracks.


This is a deer track.


I am climbing a tree.


I am climbing up a tree.


We are digging out a big stick.


We made a tree fort all together and we hung our backpacks in it and we are super proud.


We are going hunting for deer and chickens.


I have a stick.  I am playing Fortnite.

March 19

Junior High News

Recently in Junior High, we have been getting to enjoy lots of events and experiences that we have been looking forward to for a while!


Most recently, our annual Gym Riot was held in the gym (shocker)! We had three teams: The Gray Boulders, The Red Flames, and The Black Chalkboards!

Gym Riot involves the Junior Highs as well as the Grade 5s & 6s. We had a couple Grade 4 students helping Mr. Armstrong too.

Some of our favourite parts of gym riot were the pie eating contest and taping people to the wall, but the best part is always how competitive and energetic everyone is. 

In the end, The Black Chalkboards (Mrs. Desrosier’s team) won, and we had a tie for second place with the Flames and the Boulders!

Our winning team, the Black Chalkboards


Tomorrow will be our “Greasers Day” hosted by Mrs. Desrosiers. We recently finished reading our book “The Outsiders” which ties into this event. We have also been writing some persuasive essays about the book as well. At our “Greasers Day” we will get to dress up like our favourite characters from the book and eat some food mentioned in the novel. We will also get to watch the movie adaptation of the book!

On March 9th, some of us will get to attend Stepz, a dance program that several schools will get to attend. It’s a one-day program where we will get the chance to try Salsa, Lyrical, and Hip Hop dancing! We’re really looking forward to being able to try some new styles of dance outside of our dance classes.


In Math, we’ve been working on patterns and linear relations. The Grade 7s are working on factors and how they relate to patterns, while the Grade 8s are working on linear relations, graphs, and formulas. 


In Science, we have been working on our Optics unit. We got to do a sheep eyeball dissection and also worked with some cool robots called “Ozbots”, which recognize colours and are able to perform certain actions based on the lines and colours they are given.


Overall, we have been having a good time in Junior High and we have been working towards being kinder towards each other. Every Genius Hour (Day 5s) we get to work towards being a better third-floor community and the reasonable actions we can take to turns our ideas into realities.


By Miriam, Lily, & Ayla


Shout out to Ayla (she did the most) 🙂


“Most fooling around” says Lilith


“Most hitting her knees on chairs” says Mirom 

March 16

Earl Grey Learns @ Home

Many of us are learning at school this week and many of us are learning at home.

Next week, however, we will all be learning at home!

Let’s use this blog to stay connected and share our learning!

We’ve added a Learning @ Home Tab with websites, learning materials to assist you in your learning.

Send us emails, pictures, questions, wonderings so we can still learn as a community!

March 5

Room 27 Heart and Eye Investigations


On February 20,  the Women in Science and Engineering program came to Room 27 to conduct a dissection with us!  An eyeball was our first investigation.  After a discussion and lesson from Huda, our instructor, we began to carefully remove the parts of the eye in groups of three.  We learned new vocabulary such as retina, cornea, pupil, lens and aqueous and vitreous humor.

After recess, it was time to take a look at the heart.  We worked in groups of three again to follow the instructions and plan of the dissection.  First we examined the two sides of the heart.  Later we followed the instructions to locate the chambers, atria, valves, arteries and veins.  Apparently, we were amazing through this whole experience.  We had great learning conversations as we worked together as scientists.


Room 27

March 4


Class 12 has been working on some lots of different things in our classroom! We just finished a very exciting writing piece on MONSTERS for our Spanish writing. We thought that our monsters might be a little too scary, so we decided to add winter clothing to them. When you stop by our class you will see the different winter clothing that they are wearing! If you stop by our class to the see the monsters and their clothing, you should also stop by to look at what we have been working on in math. On the bulletin board outside our class we have the creations of our own cities. We have skylines, stores, houses, and cars all made from arrays!

You are going to enjoy seeing all of these things! If you stop by, make sure to knock on our door to say hi! If you knock, and we aren’t there, we are probably busy outside having fun in the snow!