March 19

Junior High News

Recently in Junior High, we have been getting to enjoy lots of events and experiences that we have been looking forward to for a while!


Most recently, our annual Gym Riot was held in the gym (shocker)! We had three teams: The Gray Boulders, The Red Flames, and The Black Chalkboards!

Gym Riot involves the Junior Highs as well as the Grade 5s & 6s. We had a couple Grade 4 students helping Mr. Armstrong too.

Some of our favourite parts of gym riot were the pie eating contest and taping people to the wall, but the best part is always how competitive and energetic everyone is. 

In the end, The Black Chalkboards (Mrs. Desrosier’s team) won, and we had a tie for second place with the Flames and the Boulders!

Our winning team, the Black Chalkboards


Tomorrow will be our “Greasers Day” hosted by Mrs. Desrosiers. We recently finished reading our book “The Outsiders” which ties into this event. We have also been writing some persuasive essays about the book as well. At our “Greasers Day” we will get to dress up like our favourite characters from the book and eat some food mentioned in the novel. We will also get to watch the movie adaptation of the book!

On March 9th, some of us will get to attend Stepz, a dance program that several schools will get to attend. It’s a one-day program where we will get the chance to try Salsa, Lyrical, and Hip Hop dancing! We’re really looking forward to being able to try some new styles of dance outside of our dance classes.


In Math, we’ve been working on patterns and linear relations. The Grade 7s are working on factors and how they relate to patterns, while the Grade 8s are working on linear relations, graphs, and formulas. 


In Science, we have been working on our Optics unit. We got to do a sheep eyeball dissection and also worked with some cool robots called “Ozbots”, which recognize colours and are able to perform certain actions based on the lines and colours they are given.


Overall, we have been having a good time in Junior High and we have been working towards being kinder towards each other. Every Genius Hour (Day 5s) we get to work towards being a better third-floor community and the reasonable actions we can take to turns our ideas into realities.


By Miriam, Lily, & Ayla


Shout out to Ayla (she did the most) 🙂


“Most fooling around” says Lilith


“Most hitting her knees on chairs” says Mirom 

March 16

Earl Grey Learns @ Home

Many of us are learning at school this week and many of us are learning at home.

Next week, however, we will all be learning at home!

Let’s use this blog to stay connected and share our learning!

We’ve added a Learning @ Home Tab with websites, learning materials to assist you in your learning.

Send us emails, pictures, questions, wonderings so we can still learn as a community!

March 5

Room 27 Heart and Eye Investigations


On February 20,  the Women in Science and Engineering program came to Room 27 to conduct a dissection with us!  An eyeball was our first investigation.  After a discussion and lesson from Huda, our instructor, we began to carefully remove the parts of the eye in groups of three.  We learned new vocabulary such as retina, cornea, pupil, lens and aqueous and vitreous humor.

After recess, it was time to take a look at the heart.  We worked in groups of three again to follow the instructions and plan of the dissection.  First we examined the two sides of the heart.  Later we followed the instructions to locate the chambers, atria, valves, arteries and veins.  Apparently, we were amazing through this whole experience.  We had great learning conversations as we worked together as scientists.


Room 27

March 4


Class 12 has been working on some lots of different things in our classroom! We just finished a very exciting writing piece on MONSTERS for our Spanish writing. We thought that our monsters might be a little too scary, so we decided to add winter clothing to them. When you stop by our class you will see the different winter clothing that they are wearing! If you stop by our class to the see the monsters and their clothing, you should also stop by to look at what we have been working on in math. On the bulletin board outside our class we have the creations of our own cities. We have skylines, stores, houses, and cars all made from arrays!

You are going to enjoy seeing all of these things! If you stop by, make sure to knock on our door to say hi! If you knock, and we aren’t there, we are probably busy outside having fun in the snow!

March 4

Room 13 is Learning About Arctic Animals

Our class has been learning about Arctic Animals.  We presented what we learned at the February Assembly.  These were our favourite facts:


Arctic Foxes can change colours in the winter

Puffins are great swimmers and fishers

Polar Bears eat seals, walruses, caribou and beached whales

Beluga Whales have large foreheads called melons

Narwhal males are known for their long spiraled tusks

Snowy Owls have a wingspan of 150cm

Walruses have long tusks and a mustache

Northern Fur Seals can close their nostrils when swimming underwater


We love learning about the Arctic so much that we are doing it for another month!

March 3

Room 23’s Top Ten Facts about Polar Bears

1.) A male polar bear is 10 feet tall and a female is 8 feet tall. That is a 2 feet difference!

2.) When the mom polar is pregnant the dad polar bear leaves the mom to mate with another female polar bear. The mom polar bear leaves the cub when it is 2 and ½ years old.

3.) During the cold months the polar bears in Churchill travel onto the sea ice on Hudson Bay to hunt for food.

4.) Polar bears protect their cubs by cuddling them for warmth, they walking in front of them, and fight off predators.

5.) When the baby cubs are born they are about the size of a squirrel and less than 2 pounds.

6.) Polar bears are both predators and prey.

7.) Polar bears are consider to be black bears that have evolved over 400,000 years.

8.) Polar bears have black skin. The black skin absorbs the heat from the sun and helps to keep them warm.

9.) Polar bears’ fur is not actually white, it is transparent. When sun light reflects off the fur it makes it look white.

10.) Polar bears’ diet in the wild is made up of arctic hares, ringed seals, arctic foxes, walruses and fish.

February 4

Room 21 LOVES being Authors!!!

After reading the book “Un Día de Nieve” by Ezra Jack Keats, we discussed and answered the question “¿Qué te gusta hacer en el invierno?” (What do you like to do in the winter?). Then we made a plan and wrote all of our ideas down using the starter sentence “En el invierno me gusta…”. We then worked on our drafts in our notebooks, published our work and posted it on our bulletin boards outside our room. We love being authors!! We even posted pictures of what we like to do outside. Check it out!! Our question to you is ¿qué te gusta hacer en el invierno?


January 31

Room 22’s Top 5 Facts About Penguins

There are 17 different kinds of penguins.  Some penguins live in Antarctica where it is cold.  Some live near the equator where it is warmer.  Here are our Top 5 facts about penguins.

  1. Penguins eat fish, squid and krill from the frigid ocean water. They preen their feathers so they don’t get wet when they swim.
  2. Male Emperor penguins toboggan on their bellies with the egg in their brood pouch.
  3. Penguins regurgitate food to feed their babies.
  4. Did you know that penguins used to fly thousands of years ago?
  5. Penguins trumpet to talk to each other.

We found it interesting to learn about penguins.  We hope we inspired you to learn more about penguins too.

-Room 22

Image result for penguins

January 24

Room 26 Dissected Owl Pellets

I think you must be wondering what’s an owl pellet? If you want to know, keep reading.  Owl pellets are something that owls regurgitate from what they ate.

Owl’s eat their prey full and then throw up the things that their bodies can’t digest.  Owls eat small rodents such as rats, mice, and voles.  You can find many different bones in an owl pellet and fur.

Some people think that owl pellets are gross, but it is really interesting to see the bones of animals an owl has eaten, as well as the animal’s skull and teeth.

Tim, Le & Chloe

On behalf of the students in Room 26

January 24

Junior High January News!

Recently, our third floor community has been having some meaningful conversations about how we can better our relationships with each other and lead healthy lives, during our Genius Hour portion every Day 5. 

During this time, we have also been working on teamwork activities and learning about how to be active leaders.


In our other school subjects, we have been really enjoying our Art & Science classes. In Art, we have been working on looking at the work of Lawren Harris, and his involvement with the Group of Seven (a famous painting group which included Emily Carr!). In this unit, we chose one of his works and are working on recreating his outdoor landscapes. We are enjoying the painting aspect of this activity.


In Science, we started a new unit: Optics! Though we have really enjoyed our Circulatory System unit, Optics has been really interesting so far, and it makes us think about how we perceive things. We like to learn about light, reflection, and vision.


In Social Studies, we are learning about Ancient Greece. We each got to pick a topic relating to Ancient Greece, and we are becoming experts on our topic! We will get to present our learning in a creative and exciting way and inform our classmates about our learning as well. Some topics we have picked and are excited for are: Theatre, Food, the Olympics, Fashion, Women’s Rights, Pottery, and much more! 


In Math, we have been learning about integers. The Grade Sevens are happy learning about subtraction and addition of integers, the Grade Eights get to explore multiplying and dividing integers.  Though sometimes visualizing and modelling integers can be difficult for us, we are steadily moving forward in our learning and are looking forward to progressing further. 


In ELA, we are reading a book which we are really liking. It’s called “The Outsiders”, and it is by S.E. Hinton. It’s about two rival gangs: The Socs and The Greasers. So far we are only about four chapters in, but we’re already guessing about what might happen next and exploring the characters in the book. Mrs. Desrosiers has told us that when we finish the book, we’ll get to have a “Greasers Day”, where we will eat food and dress up! We’re really excited for this opportunity, and a fun way to celebrate our learning!

Also in ELA, we’ve been working on writing essays! This is a first for some of us, but most of our Grade Eights have some experience. We learned about transitional sentences and how they can better our writing. We also figured out how to write a thesis statement, which felt very professional!


Overall, we’ve had a really great month in Junior High and we are looking forward to how the coming weeks will play out. Thanks for reading!


-Miriam & Lily