January 30th to February 3rd

This was our fourth week back from Winter Break. Here are the things we learned and some activities that took place!


We had our Concours d’art oratoire. Concours is a speech competition in French where you present in front of judges. The students who represented our class were two young girls named Danielle and Aliyah. Aliyah was chosen to represent the school in the francophone category because she speaks French at home. One student in the fifth grade, one in seventh grade and one in eighth grade were also chosen to represent our school. The judges were Mme Dana (she works in the office of our school), Madame Audino (she is our principal’s mother), and Mr. … We forgot his name.  Oops!

Feb. 2nd

volleyball serveThe Grade 6s were so excited for the volleyball tournament. Everybody had the option to join volleyball and all Grade 6s joined.We had three teams: black pinnies, teal pinnies and grey pinnies.  Our coaches were Mme Marovic (Room 118, Grade 6 teacher) with the black pinnies,
Mme Unrau (Room 119, Grade 5 teacher) with the teal pinnies and two students in Grade 8, Abi and Alexa, were with the grey pinnies. With all their support, each team won 4-5 games. We were so happy to have just enough drivers because without them, we wouldn’t have been able to attend the tournament! Everyone was
so tired
after that really long day of fun, but we were all satisfied with ourselves and our hard work.  A special thanks to our wonderful coaches who taught us how to play the game properly and have fun.  Sure we lost a couple games, but 
that’s okay, we didn’t take it personally. Everyone got to smile and laugh in the process.

Feb. 3rd

A few students in Grade 5 and 6 attended a babysitting course at the school taught by the Canadian Red Cross.  There, they learned how to care for a baby, some emergency procedures and other very important information about children. Of course, we all know that children are amazing and cool! They are fun to be around because they have such creative imaginations. All kids have imaginations, so to encourage them to keep this up, just let them be them. Here are a couple tips on how to babysit children;

  1. If the child/children don’t want to do something, try the activity as a race or something like that because young children love races!
  2. Always bring a first aid-kit just in case something either happens to the child/children or even yourself.
  3. Try to enjoy your time with the child/children because they can really brighten your day.

Now that you know these tips, they may be able to help you in the future, when you turn the appropriate age to babysit, if you’re not old enough already. You need to be 12 years old to babysit.  At this age, adults find we Grade 6ers start to mature enough to be able to watch (a) child/children.

-Gwen, Serena and Yvonne