January 16th to 20th

Hello readers of our blog,tobogganing at The Forks

Last week our class went to The Forks for the best time ever. We carved snow sculptures, built miniature tipis as well as heard an aboriginal legend in a life sized tipi with real flames (from a fire pit). In the afternoon, we went skating on the river for half an hour then some of us enjoyed tobogganing. So much fun!

On January 17th and 18th, the Grade 6s had volleyball practices. If you didn’t know, we are preparing for a tournament. The two days were our first opportunities to practice. We learned a lot about skills, strategies and responsibilities of the game. Both Grade 6 classes joined; there were 40 students in total. That’s a lot of players!

In class, we worked on finishing our discours; A discours is a French speech. Grade 3 to 8 classes prepared speeches, but only select few were chosen to present in front of a large audience including judges. Two students will represent our class and whoever they are, we wish them both good luck!

Also in class, we were informed of our groups and books for literature circles. Literature (or lit.) circles are when a number of people read the same book and meet regularly to discuss the story and choose a role to take on for homework (vocabulary enricher, illustrator, discussion director, etc.).  In our case, our books are all war related to tie into what we’re learning in Social Studies. It’s going be great! It’s lit. fam!

“That was all we did, I think… Yes it was.  We had lot’s of fun, right Zak?!”

“Totally, it was so fun writing this!”

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a nice day too!

-Zak and Jeremy